Meal Planning Is The New Black

Dated: November 29 2017

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Do you find yourself running out of time in the morning?  Going through the drive-thru to get your coffee and breakfast sandwich?  I used to be in such a rush in the morning that before I knew it my husband and I had to kiss our goodbye at the door and go our separate ways to work!  I did eventually find a way to save time and money--all it takes is a little bit of organization and a slice of your time!  Meal Planning has changed the game in my house!  Everyone knows what we are eating and when which saves us money because we aren't letting food go bad or spending a fortune to go out to eat!  

Wondering how to get started?  I started with breakfast!  I have a handful of tried and true breakfast recipes that freeze and re-heat perfectly!  Pictured below are what i call egg muffins!  I take sauteed veggies, protein if you'd like- here I used pesto/spinach/feta chicken sausage and cheese if you would like!  I use ceramic non-stick muffin tins and fill them a third of the way with the sauteed veggies and protein and then top it off with scrambled eggs!  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake them for about 25 minutes or until the center of each egg muffin is set.  Allow them to cool completely before packaging them and placing them in your freezer!  Don't forget to label and date your freezer meals!  

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food and indoorStay tuned for more great meal planning ideas!!  Next up: Freezer breakfast burritos! 

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